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      Westchester Waste Oil Company collects used Oil Filters for recycling that are generated from all types of vehicles, equipment and machinery. Our service provides collection and pickup of DOT approved 55- gallon drums, or our specialty design collection bins. Recycling used Oil Filters is mandatory by law in some states; however, it is non-regulated. The scrap steel recovered from the used oil filters is recycled in a variety of steel processes; ultimately, becoming part of the manufacturing process of new steel products. Disposal of used Oil Filters is a national problem; however, through your recycling efforts, you are helping to recover valuable raw materials and reduce the quantity of waste currently landfilled. 

Why Recycle Used Oil Filters?

  •  According to EPA studies, just one gallon of used oil contaminates 1,000,000 gallons of water to the point where it is undrinkable.  One used Oil Filter can contain as much as one cup of used oil! As you can imagine, this substantially adds up to be a significant amount!
  •  By recycling used Oil Filters, you are protecting our environment -reducing landfill usage and conserving natural resources!
  •   Since we do our own processing we are able to keep our costs, as well as ​yours, lower!  Each filter costs only pennies to recycle!  Costs are minimal! You could recoup your investment with a small recycling fee, and show your customers that you are environmentally friendly. Everyone Benefits!