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​Now available, bulk delivery of NEW 50/50 pre-mix antifreeze. Similar to our windshield washer fluid bulk delivery program, customers can now purchase NEW 50/50 blends of pre-mixed extended life coolants.

All coolants are extended life and guaranteed up to 150,000 miles.

We carry a full line of assorted colors and varieties of coolants that include universal blends, as well as specific blends for all makes and models.

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used antifreeze

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​Westchester Waste Oil Company can remove your used antifreeze for recycling whether it is stored in bulk tank or 55-gallon drums. Used antifreeze can be recycled and reused. Depending on the glycol level, we can determine what the freeze point will be. Our treatment plant will then filter, and restore the antifreeze to the proper glycol level, allowing it to be reused.